Art Dump (Things to Look At)

Old Dusty Stuff just laying around on the shelves of my hard-drive, collecting digital dust never seen the light of day or even being considered to be done by an artist. Here is all my junk that I never uploaded all in a multitude of posts.

One’s man junk is…well hopeful it will be a big enough booty for a pirateship.

A graphic design experiment/error turned into a whole nother piece.

Noir-esque piece, subtle storytelling.

Graphic experimental error turned into Superdog!

Serious sketch turned into funny. The Cat’s Meow


My little brother stylized in Brooklyn.

The Colors Within.

Fire Department Logo design.

Tattoo Design. Concept child’s name is the key to A Mother’s heart. Child’s name Jamari.

A Vision I had caught in my head manifested.

A Trip to the Sky.



Inspired by Gyptian-Hold Yuh.

Who We Are And What We Become.

Random Midnight Logo Design.

First random midnight Logo design.

Album cover design.

My first logo ever made, was like a dream come true.

I swore I was gonna put this on a shirt.

So later I did.(again it was like a dream coming true.)

Saving the best for last here. And this is only a tenth of the load sitting on my thumb drive just collecting dust.


About skellz

Pascal "sKELLz" Duverger is majoring in Game Production, aspiring to enter into the career world of animation, a dreamer who loves the air of nature and the thrill of chasing after adventures. With a deep passion for unconventional art and an eye for design he brings together different forms of media to blend and create new routes of artistic expression. View all posts by skellz

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