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Sacred Bonzai

This is a 10 week analysis of my class assignment of for PORTFOLIO REVIEW.

I was assigned to create a digital 3 dimensional design of a maquette, design of my choice.

Week 1 progress on the project.

I ran off to get some quick research reference shots of shrubery and trees, then slowly got carried away into the depths of homeless territory I took many shots that helped give my mind some cool enough ideas to move forward.

I started with a concept sketch to get closer idea of what I had in mind to work on digitally. I used tracing paper to tie down the different shrubs and trees into position.

Week 2

After the concept was finalized i started with the groundwork, the grass. My ultimate motive for the approach towards creating grass was to try and find away to get the MOST DETAIL in the FASTEST TIME. I wanted to have alot of variation in my grass so it doesn’t look as if one blade was copied over to make a pretty static patch of grass. I started to group my blades of grass into 3’s and and the group those 3’s into 6,s, 9’s, 12’s etc. I then started to rotate and scarted the grass across the ground to then finally populate the ground of my scene.

Week 4!


Grass was hardwork, for more then me but for the program. the 3D program used to make this was on the verge of crashing many times to allow my 3 million polygrass to surivive, SO I had to cut my grass, from the bottom so to speak. Cutting it from the bottom lowered my polys without actually taking away anything from the grass up top.
Once the grass was taken care of 3DS Max could breath again I started on the first tree of my scene, I slowly learned how to use bracnh draw tools to make my branches and I learned to attach the stems of my leaves to the branches rather than guess where the stem might sprout on the tree. While the grass was handeld the leaves of the tree were the new poly count issue.

Weeks 5
From 2 week vacation to disaster

While trying to clean data out my Flash drive to receive more memory space for other files my work file was left behind on a computer, in another state.

Week 6

A Lost Cause

All motivation to work no had to go towards REDOING all the leaves of my tree, I was lucky enough to have a file some steps before I worked on the leaves but I was unfortunate from the lack of motivation. Thinking about working on the model felt frustrating opening the file wasn’t gonna happen.

Week 7

Class riled my back up to finally get the work done, no matter how much of it I had done, if I didn’t want to do my whole complete idea whatever idea I do have complete it. I was inspired again.

Week 8

Project REBOOT!

After rethinking the project I cut down the idea to a smaller ground and I was going to rework one tree.

Week 9

Bonzai Tree!

While reworking the new tree I thought it would be more interesting to make it into a Bonzai tree. It inspired me while I was working on it unto completion, I added smaller effects such as leaves faling and catch wind and buterflies flying around the plants below.

Things that inspired me:

Adding butterflies in the scene

variating grass and and randomizing the leaves and branches.

replicating a bonzai tree

Things I learned:

Small Stems LARGE Leaves

try not to reach 3 million polys

Stay focused and finish