Awesome Animation on KickStarter

1000: The Animated Micro-Series

1000 big promo

Worked at Disney, Marvel, on Teen titans, and even Method Man’s comic book, Sanford Greene has done the works. I met him at an anime convention and freaked out a little lol and he was selling this comic along with the soundtrack there. Now he’s on KickStarter melding the comic and soundtrack together with animation, and the animation is freakin sick, love that damn style, gotta see it happen.

Cool concept too.

“A Dragon bound in the form of a man and exiled amongst humans by an Ancient Council, wishes to return home. To do so he must perform 1000 acts of repentance”

A project where we can endorse awesome 2d animation and music.

KickStarter is allowing him to keep the rights to his project while massively distributing it to a worldwide audience which is effective for any creative artist and would be ideal.
And you get to create an ideal situation for an ambitious artist as well as get the animation shorts and all the exclusive merchandise goodies that come along with it,
with a pledge.

click dohicky



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